Oral Presentation AMOS Annual Meeting and International Conference on Tropical Meteorology and Oceanography

Australia’s Earth System Model – ACCESS-ESM1.5 – submission to the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (CMIP6) (#218)

Tilo Ziehn 1 , Rachel Law 1 , Andrew Lenton 2 , Matt Chamberlain 2 , Lauren Stevens 3 , Bernard Pak 1 , Jhan Srbinovsky 1 , Ying-Ping Wang 1 , Peter Dobrohotoff 1
  1. CSIRO, Aspendale, VIC, Australia
  2. CSIRO, Hobart
  3. CSIRO, Clayton

CSIRO and collaborators are preparing two submissions for CMIP6 using different versions of the Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator (ACCESS). Here we focus on one of those submissions, namely ACCESS-ESM1.5, which will be the first Australian submission to include an interactive carbon cycle. ACCESS-ESM1.5 is an updated version of ACCESS-ESM1, with updates including both code and parameter changes. These will be described and the impact of the changes on a control simulation will be demonstrated. CMIP6 comprises core experiments that all models are expected to perform, and more than twenty optional model intercomparison projects (MIPs) that build on the core experiments and focus on different science questions. The ACCESS-ESM1.5 submission will target three MIPs initially: ScenarioMIP which includes simulations to 2100 under different forcing scenarios; C4MIP which looks at climate-carbon cycle feedback questions; and CDRMIP which explores some idealised experiments addressing carbon dioxide removal. We will discuss a selection of results from the proposed experiments with the main focus on low emission pathways and carbon dioxide removal.