Oral Presentation AMOS Annual Meeting and International Conference on Tropical Meteorology and Oceanography

Tropical cyclones in changing climate: multi-decadal variability and trends (#17)

Savin Chand 1
  1. Federation University Australia, Ballarat, VIC, Australia

Detecting climate trends in tropical cyclone activity and the possible attribution of such trends to human-induced climate change is complicated, partially due to limitations in the availability and quality of observed tropical cyclone records and partially due to the presence of strong background multi-decadal variability. Unless we consider new ways of quantifying how human-induced climate change and causes of multi-decadal variability affect tropical cyclones, such barriers are likely to remain for years to come. Here we present new results using reanalysis and climate model data on how tropical cyclone activity has changed since the mid-nineteenth century as a result of human-induced global warming. This work makes a significant contribution towards addressing some key societal challenges such as managing risks associated with tropical cyclones in changing climate.