Poster Presentation AMOS Annual Meeting and International Conference on Tropical Meteorology and Oceanography

An Interactive Tropical Cyclone Projections Portal (#1058)

Tony Rafter 1 , Tim Erwin 1 , Hamish Ramsay 1 , Marcus Thatcher 1
  1. CSIRO, Aspendale, VICTORIA, Australia

The extreme weather conditions associated with tropical cyclones (TCs) are capable of causing extensive damage to both human and natural systems. As a result, projected changes in the behaviour of TCs are highly sought after by stakeholders and communities in affected regions, in order to best inform themselves of any changes to these powerful storms that may occur under a warmed climate.

In this presentation we demonstrate a new online portal for interactive visualisation of climate projections of tropical cyclones in the Australian region (South Pacific and South Indian Ocean basins). The portal has been developed to make projections of TCs more accessible and impactful for researchers, stakeholders and the public.

Data presented within the TC Portal are derived from a rigorously evaluated selection of CMIP5 global climate models under the high-end RCP 8.5 emissions pathway. Various visualisation options are available within the portal to examine the behaviour of (and projected changes in) TCs detected in CMIP5 climate models, such as TC track densities, interannual variability, and coastally-impacting storms. Each visualisation option also allows the user to select from various filters to display data from various ocean basins, during various phases of ENSO, over different epochs and times of year, and for each of two different TC detection methods.

Results derived using the portal will be displayed on the poster, as well as a discussion of the model evaluation process and some of the limitations and caveats around use of the portal. A live interactive TC Portal will also be available for interested delegates.