Poster Presentation AMOS Annual Meeting and International Conference on Tropical Meteorology and Oceanography

Tropical Cyclone effect on the Maritime Continent precipitation (#1049)

Enrico Scoccimarro 1 , Silvio Gualdi 1 , Alessio Bellucci 1 , Daniele Peano 1 , Annalisa Cherchi 1 , Antonio Navarra 1
  1. Fondazione Centro Euro Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici - CMCC, Bologna, ITALY, Italy

The interaction between Tropical Cyclones (TCs) and the climate system can be investigated through state of the art General Circulation Models (GCMs). Very few CMIP5 models demonstrated ability in representing TCs, mainly due to their horizontal resolution. Recently, the PRIMAVERA and HighResMIP projects made possible the development of fully coupled GCMs with a sufficiently high horizontal resolution (order of 25km) leading to a realistic representation of the most intense category 5 TCs. In this work we aim to investigate the role of TCs in modulating the precipitation over the Maritime Continent during the June to September period. The role of TCs in removing humid air from the Maritime Continent during the boreal summer season is highlighted comparing precipitation and vertically integrated zonal water transport between years with intense TC activity and low TC activity years along the period 1980-2015. This is made evident based on JRA-55 atmospheric reanalysis and confirmed by modeling experiments where results from a typhoon resolving model (CMCC-CM-VHR, horizontal resolution of 25km) are compared to a lower resolution model (CMCC-CM-HR, horizontal resolution of 100km) not able to represent typhoons.